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Dr. Michael McCutcheon is an Achievement Coach, psychologist, and award-winning public speaker who specializes in working with adults around procrastination elimination, goal achievement, and increasing overall life satisfaction.  As an Achievement Coach, Dr. McCutcheon draws on his work as a clinical psychologist to guide clients in becoming more aware of their desires and overcome anxieties in order to break out of old patterns, create new healthy habits, and achieve life-changing results. He has partnered with clients on a variety of goals including: improving time management and organization skills, embarking on a new career, becoming more financially comfortable, finding love and/or enhancing current relationships, and guiding recent graduates through the transition from school to the working world. Over the years, Dr. McCutcheon has worked with hundreds of clients nationwide and his style has been described as solution-focused, caring, thought-provoking, and genuine. In addition to his work at Wanderlust, Dr. McCutcheon is a published author and an adjunct professor at New York University (NYU), a position for which he won the Distinguished Teaching Award. He is a recurring contributor for Out Magazine, and a featured expert on National Public Radio (NPR). 


                               Ph.D.                      Counseling Psychology                   NYU

                                B.A.                                   Psychology                                UC Berkeley


Katherine Kirkinis, Ed.M. is a Career Counselor and Psychotherapist who works with adults around issues of career and identity. She has specialized doctoral-level training in career counseling, testing, and assessment and master-level training in gender identity from the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She is a published author, and her work has been featured in both academic journals as well as well Quartz and ATTN. Her research has been and has presented at 10+ national APA conferences since 2013. She is a mental health counselor, practicing  in New York City and is pursing a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at SUNY Albany. Her counseling style has been described as direct, challenging, and empowering. 




Doctoral Fellow                   Counseling Psychology                 SUNY Albany

Ed.M., M.A.                            Psychological Counseling             Columbia University

B.S.                                                Applied Psychology                     NYU


Dr. Jessica Harding, originally from New Zealand, is a Psychologist with over seven years of experience working with professionals at all stages of their careers.  Dr. Harding has provided expert resume guidance and support to clients from leading corporations and academic institutions including Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, and MDRC, and has extensive experience leading seminars at universities across the US. Previously, Dr. Harding has held positions in university career support and career advisement for low-income students. Dr. Harding is a published author in top-tier academic journals, and holds an concurrent appointment at Mathematica Policy Research where her research focuses on how public policies support low-income families. With a highly esteemed academic career and psychological background, Dr. Harding lends a rare and competitive edge to our services. 


  Ph.D.                    Psychology and Social Intervention              NYU

   B.S.                                                     Psychology                               University of Auckland

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