Career Counseling

 Achieve your objectives.
Accomplish your goals.
 Push the boundaries of what you believed you were capable of. 



This is the only place you will find Ph.D. level clinicians who chose to move away from traditional counseling into achievement work because, much like you, we want RESULTS.

Coaching differs from traditional psychotherapy in that it's solution-focused, goal-oriented, and it's all about taking action.   

Achievement coaching is a one-on-one, intimate working relationship, rooted in mutual respect, authenticity, and trust.  Thus, fit is extremely important. 

We're all about quality control and only take on a limited number of clients per month. We spend time between sessions brainstorming, thinking about you, and (with your permission) consulting  with our colleagues/networks. 

How it works:
We develop a solid plan that identifies your specific goals, timeline, and the steps to get there. Using cognitive behavioral techniques we will work together to make significant change to your life and achieve your goals. We tell you what to do, how to get there, and stay with you every step of the way. 

Take control of your life. 
Reach your potential.

Wanderlust Career Counseling
291 Broadway, Ste. 1407

New York, NY 10007