Career Counseling

 Identify and land the career of your dreams. 
Look forward to Mondays. 
Enjoy your life.  



We are trained psychotherapists who chose to abandon the mental health world to help you get the job (and life) you've always wanted

We ask probing questions to get you thinking and help you to untangle that mess inside your head. 

Let our psychological training and expertise guide you into the career that's right for you.  

Career counseling is conducted one-on-one, online, from the privacy and convenience of your own home

We're all about quality control and only take on a limited number of clients per month. We spend time between sessions brainstorming, thinking about you, and (with your permission) consulting  with our colleagues/networks. 

Wanderlust Career Counseling
291 Broadway, Ste. 1407

New York, NY 10007