Dr. Michael McCutcheon

Career Coach

Entrepreneurial Coach


Dr. Michael McCutcheon is an Career Coach, psychologist, and award-winning public speaker who specializes in working with adults around eliminating procrastination, goal achievement, and increasing overall life satisfaction. Dr. McCutcheon draws on his work as a clinical psychologist to guide clients in becoming more aware of their desires and overcoming anxieties in order to break out of old patterns, create new healthy habits, and achieve life-changing results. He has partnered with clients on a variety of goals including: improving time management and organization skills, embarking on a new career, becoming more financially comfortable, finding love and/or enhancing current relationships, and navigating the transition from school to the working world. Over the years, Dr. McCutcheon has worked with hundreds of clients nationwide. His style has been described as solution-focused, caring, thought-provoking, and genuine. Dr. McCutcheon is a published author and an adjunct professor at New York University, a position for which he won the Distinguished Teaching Award. He is a recurring contributor for Out Magazine, and a featured expert on National Public Radio (NPR).


Ph.D. / Counseling Psychology / New York University

B.A. / Psychology / University of California, Berkeley